Don’t Start Your Next Global IT Deployment Without One

Planning an international telecommunications or retail IT deployment? Undertaking such a project without a Bill of Materials (BOM) Analysis — a detailed assessment of each piece of equipment you’re planning to import — could be a risky proposition.

It can take weeks or even months longer than you anticipate to get your equipment into some countries. Other countries apply a 100 percent duty tax on top of the price of each component. And increasingly, your equipment could sit in customs indefinitely or be rejected entirely.

That’s why we’re offering a complimentary BOM Analysis to help you avoid catastrophic project delays and cost overruns. Our analysis includes:

  • The cost and availability of each component  

  • Whether you need to import your equipment or source it in your target country

  • Potential alternatives that could save you time and money

Fill out the form below to contact us, and we’ll get back to you with your custom BOM Analysis in approximately five business days.