Whether you need to accurately count customers, track dwell time or beef up security, Kinettix has the resources to manage and support your camera technology installations. We understand that success depends on proper camera placement and quality workmanship at scale, and we can deliver.

Camera Technology Services

  • Installation and full testing of any camera technology, including:
    • Remote engineering support
    • Full system positioning and test out
    • Continuous system support
    • Troubleshooting after initial installation
  • Locating, sourcing, and fully vetting appropriately skilled camera technology technicians for each installation
  • Fully managing each installation from inception to final billing based on project requirements, including:
    • Ticket processing and management
    • Camera technology technician check-in and check-out
    • Camera technology technician remote support
    • Escalation management
    • Test and turn up
    • Deliverables collection and auditing