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Kinettix understands the complex nature of international IT field services management, and we’ve developed our model with the goal of simplifying this complexity. With two operations centers situated on opposite sides of the globe—one in the central United States and the other in the Philippines—we can support IT deployments in over 90 countries and counting. e’re always available for international requests as they arrive. The sun never sets on our global IT coverage.

But our global reach is not solely about the 24/7/365 availability of our support team. Our global alliance of partners provides both a knowledge base and local contingent workforces for our clients to leverage. Do you need technicians in Brazil and Ireland at the same time? We can find the best IT talent through our partners and manage their deployment. Unsure how Chinese economic policy and tax law will affect your goals? Utilize our expert partners to become confident in your strategy. We want our global reach to be yours, too.