Kinettix can provide managed outcomes on a global scale because of our model for developing a platform with our clients to maintain a dedicated field services talent base.

Our capability to deliver on-demand field services around the world stems from leveraging our existing field services platforms and tailoring the talent in them to your specific needs. We have a deep bench of technicians through our global partnerships, allowing us to create a platform for our clients that ensures qualified workers are dispatched who will expertly complete projects on time.

Organizations with enterprise-level IT needs require a robust platform to organize, track, and coordinate active global projects, Which is something Kinettix is able to provide.

We start with leveraging traditional partners to build a reliable contingent workforce that scales with the complexity of any deployment. That provides the basis for a pilot model where we set up a repeatable process for initiating and accomplishing work with a stable base of technicians. Kinettix believes in total transparency with clients—as such, we work with you from the outset to set up a platform that fits your scope, set clear expectations of cost and ability, and keep you informed of everything from the initial statement of work to regular progress reports up through each project’s completion.

At full maturity, this becomes a certified field services platform specialized for your needs—a long-term solution for managing IT field services anywhere in the world at a predictable cost.