IT Field Services Management

Platform Setup

Excellent field services management starts with the platform used to execute it. Many organizations are frustrated by IT deployments because traditional models for finding techs, managing the workload, and monitoring progress lack consistency from project to project. At best, they’re often piecemeal approaches that do nothing to minimize the initial legwork of gathering talent and set the scope and cost of a project. At worst, they fail to provide the oversight and contingencies to ensure a timely completion and minimize setbacks.

Our expertise in IT project management and coordination helps us to identify and cultivate a roster of fully-vetted technicians to build our field services management platform upon. Whether your IT needs span the globe or are mostly domestic, Kinettix has work markets and global partnerships to tap into in order to provide the contingent workforce you need at any scale.

Gathering this labor pool of trusted, certified technicians lays the groundwork for a sustainable field service management platform. From there our project managers will work with you to define a repeatable process that fits your needs.   This includes setting clear expectations of cost with total transparency, establishing routines for pre-project documentation such as statements of work and pro formas, defining the risk management and project coordination responsibilities Kinettix assumes, and setting standards for regular communication and project updates through the lifespan of each deployment.

With this in place, Kinettix is fully-equipped to deliver a managed outcome for every IT project while growing that base of technicians into a dedicated contingent workforce that is familiar with the work you need done and especially adept at accomplishing it on time, at expected cost, and to your satisfaction. By setting up your field services management platform through the Kinettix model, you reduce the chaos of routine IT deployments while driving down costs and having the certainty that each job will meet your standards.

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