Telecommunications IT Deployments

A steady, scalable platform—a reusable base of qualified techs

The way telecommunications has shaped our current economy and society makes it integral to stability, growth, and day-to-day operations for almost every organization today. Subsequently, the need for expert technicians in the field is massive. More than ever, telecom companies need the talent to meet the constant demand for new installations, maintenance, system monitoring, upgrades, and everything else.

The Kinettix model is optimized for creating and managing a base of certified technicians to shoulder the workload telecom companies face. We’ll establish a platform with you that utilizes our connections in online work markets and with vendors belonging to our global alliance. As new projects arise, we’ll create a thorough statement of work at the outset to set the scope, timeline, and expected cost. Then, we focus on delivering the outcome by coordinating the work and the talent needed to accomplish it.

Current IT deployment models for telecom work are often disjointed and unconnected, requiring companies to start from square one by searching for qualified technicians for each new project. Our model aims to build a steady, scalable platform that mines a reusable base of qualified techs who become intimately familiar with your work and standards. In the long run, this results in a fully-integrated model for Kinettix to manage your IT field services that drives down the cost of financing technicians.

Kinettix cares deeply about transparency—our commitment to that starts with being upfront about costs and realistic timeframes and we continue through the completion of each project by giving you updates and progress reports every step of the way.  We build the field services management platform jointly with you so you know exactly what to expect from each deployment in terms of cost, the timeline for completion, and the people who will be used to get the work done.