Experience Dealing with U.S.-based Tech Projects

IT Field Services Management

Our system for managing IT field services is based in our wealth of experience dealing with U.S.-based tech projects. As our economy has shifted to an increasingly service-based one, the prevalence of freelance technicians and independent work markets has risen. This, in turn, has made finding the right IT talent for your projects among the thousands of names vastly more difficult.

Kinettix was created to address that difficulty through eliminating the need to sift through platforms just to find qualified technicians and preventing the possibility of hiring poorly-vetted or unmotivated contingent workers. Our past experience in those platforms has allowed us to cultivate a deep pool of qualified, vetted technicians located across the country. No matter where in the United States you need an IT project done well, we have a lot of talent at our disposal to accomplish that.

Kinettix is not just a way to find and assign techs to job across the country, it’s also how we deliver managed outcomes through comprehensive project management and coordination. Working off of the strategy and goals we develop with you for each project, we’ll take care of getting the techs onsite, ensure they’re aware of the scope and details of the work, scheduling the appropriate amount workers to get the project done within your provided timeframe, and track the progress and status of the job all the way through completion.

Kinettix will provide support from before the first project is assigned and through our entire partnership with you. With 24/7/365 availability and dedicated project managers and coordinators, we can rapidly address any needs or issues that may pop up. Kinettix is IT field services management that prioritizes delivering managed outcomes and believes in transparency—we’ll be with you every step of the way of each project, keeping you informed, providing advisory services, and ensuring that every IT deployment is completed at a predictable cost.

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