Kinettix supports IT deployments in over 90 countries, and we’re always looking to add to that number while strengthening our reach in regions where we already have a field services management presence. We’re seeking two primary types of partners:

  • High-level consultants to advise our project managers and coordinators and provide strategic global insights to our clients.

  • Vendors who can help us find qualified and reliable technicians and supervisors for on-site work.

The diverse members of our Global Alliance all bring one crucial thing to the table: detailed local insights unmatched by other organizations. They are an integral part of our client relationships and are directly involved in carrying out strategy and projects. Every member of this mutually-beneficial union—Kinettix, our clients, and our Global Alliance of partners and vendors—can build their reputations and broaden their scale.

Want to join our alliance? Get in touch with us today.