Common Wi-Fi Issues Uncovered During WiFi Assessments and How to Fix Them

May 16, 2024 1:00:00 PM | Common Wi-Fi Issues Uncovered During WiFi Assessments and How to Fix Them

Struggling with Wi-Fi problems? Discover practical tips to boost signal strength, secure your network, and optimize performance. Plus, find out how Kinettix’s professional Wi-Fi assessments can pinpoint root causes and enhance your network reliability.

In the era of digital transformation, Wi-Fi connectivity stands as a crucial backbone for businesses and households alike. However, even with advancements in technology, Wi-Fi networks are not immune to issues that can hinder performance and connectivity. Conducting a Wi-Fi assessment is key to uncovering these common issues. Below, we delve into some of the prevalent Wi-Fi problems identified during these assessments and provide expert advice on how to rectify them, ensuring your network remains robust and reliable. 


1. Weak Signal Strength

One of the most common issues uncovered during Wi-Fi assessments is weak signal strength. This often results from the router's placement or physical obstructions like walls and furniture. 

Solution: To enhance signal strength, consider relocating your access point and router to a central location within the premises. Avoid placing it near metal objects or appliances that emit electromagnetic waves. Additionally, investing in a Wi-Fi extender or a mesh network system can significantly improve coverage across larger areas. 


2. Overlapping Wi-Fi Channels

In densely populated areas or multi-tenant buildings, Wi-Fi channels can become overcrowded, leading to interference and reduced network performance. 

Solution: Use Wi-Fi analyzer tools to identify the least congested channels and configure your router to utilize these channels. Most modern routers offer an auto-select feature that automatically picks the best channel, ensuring optimal performance. 


3. Unauthorized Access

Unsecured Wi-Fi networks are susceptible to unauthorized access, which can not only slow down your network but also pose serious security risks. 

Solution: Secure your Wi-Fi network with WPA3 encryption, the latest security protocol. Ensure to set a strong, complex password and change it regularly. Additionally, enable network encryption and consider setting up a separate guest network for visitors. 


4.Outdated Hardware and Firmware

Running on outdated hardware or not keeping your router's firmware updated can lead to performance bottlenecks and security vulnerabilities. 

Solution: Regularly check for and install firmware updates from your router’s manufacturer. If your router is several years old, consider upgrading to a newer model that supports the latest Wi-Fi standards (such as Wi-Fi 6) for improved speed and efficiency. 


5. Bandwidth Hogging

Applications and devices that consume large amounts of bandwidth can significantly slow down your network for other users. 

Solution: Most modern routers feature Quality of Service (QoS) settings that allow you to prioritize traffic. Set higher priority for critical applications like video conferencing tools and lower priority for bandwidth-intensive activities like file downloads. Additionally, identify and limit the use of bandwidth-hogging applications during peak times. 


6. Environmental Interference

Wi-Fi signal can be affected by environmental factors such as neighboring Wi-Fi networks, cordless phones, and microwave ovens operating on similar frequencies. 

Solution: Minimize interference by changing your Wi-Fi channel to one less affected by these factors. Additionally, consider upgrading to a dual-band router that operates on both 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands, as the 5GHz band is less prone to interference. 


How Kinettix Can Help with Wi-Fi Assessments and Solutions 

While understanding and addressing common Wi-Fi issues is crucial, sometimes the complexity and scale of the network demand professional intervention. This is where Kinettix steps in. With a proven track record of handling diverse IT field services, Kinettix specializes in conducting comprehensive Wi-Fi assessments that meticulously pinpoint the root causes of Wi-Fi problems. 

Our team of skilled technicians possess the expertise to not only identify Wi-Fi issues but also to implement effective solutions tailored to your specific needs. Whether it's optimizing signal strength, securing your network, or updating hardware, Kinettix can manage the entire process from assessment to solution implementation. 

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