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Unifying Through FSM Client API

The key to our Kinettix Dispatch1® field services management platform is its API integration with the user’s native Field Service Management software. The API allows users to receive a completely unified experience in their own FSM while Dispatch1® works in the backend.

We can digitize the work order and scale your projects.


How It Works

The Kinettix Field Services Platform (Dispatch1®) offers a RESTFul client API. Based on agreements with Kinettix clients, the API supports the creation and management of dispatch (break/fix) events and project jobs in real-time directly from any FSM platform. The API refers to dispatches and projects jobs collectively as "work orders." The API supports creating the work order in addition to taking the following actions:

  • Create a revisit from an existing work order
  • Place an existing work order on hold
  • Reschedule an existing work order
  • Expedite an existing work order
  • Cancel an existing work order

The API will support communication from Dispatch1® to our client’s FSM platform via webhooks. The API has webhooks for the following work order events:

  • Technician schedule confirmations
  • Reschedules
  • Revisits
  • Cancellations
  • Holds
  • Late technician arrivals
  • Technician onsite
  • Technician offsite
  • Deliverables collected

We Have A Developer Portal and Process

Kinettix has a fully supported developer portal. We give your developers access to the same developer portal that we use to develop Kinettix Dispatch1® internally. Your developers can register in our portal, be issued an API key, and get access to the Client API documentation. Portal users can make API requests directly from the portal. In addition, the portal provides source code implementation examples in several popular languages. There is a mock version of the Client API that will allow developers to make requests and get sample responses before your client platform is set up to integrate with Dispatch1. The portal offers several reports and visualizations on the consumption of the APIs.

Ask Us About Our Client API

We would love to answer your questions about Kinettix Dispatch1® Client API. Please fill out the form below to speak with one of our Dispatch1® experts.


Kinettix Dispatch1® Overview

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