Kinettix FieldFlex Deployment Design offers a one-of-a-kind solution for effectively delivering project rollouts on time and within budget.

Simplify your IT Field Services Delivery with Kinettix FieldFlexSM Deployment Design 

FIELDFLEX_LOGO_2022Transitioning to buying IT field services technicians directly brings a new level of responsibility for your events' design, quality, and compliance. Without the shield of third-party or managed service providers, you are left to shoulder the burden of ensuring all aspects are up to standard. Kinettix FieldFlexSM Deployment Design is here to help you navigate IT field services delivery and take control of your deployment projects.

Kinettix FieldFlexSM Deployment Design helps companies design project rollouts and ongoing support programs — not just plan them. We ensure every aspect of your rollout is correctly identified and designed to complete a scope of work correctly on the first visit.

Kinettix FieldFlexSM Deployment Design offers a one-of-a-kind solution for effectively delivering project rollouts on time and within budget. Our engagement model addresses the who, what, when, where, and how of your deployment project and tailors a deployment design that covers every aspect of the deployment.

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Kinettix FieldFlexSM services solve this problem by providing flexible on-demand coordination services that allow you to go direct to the technician without the headache of managing every aspect of the field services event.

Expertise You Can Rely on for Your Deployment Design Needs

What sets us apart from other solutions in the market is our commitment to building a comprehensive deployment design that ensures your deployment saves time, money, and effort and delivers a quality outcome to your clients.


3 Primary Advantages of Kinettix FieldFlexSM Deployment Design Services

Kinettix FieldFlexSM Deployment Design offers a customized, proactive, and scalable solution for your IT field services delivery, without the higher cost of third-party providers.

1. Improved Deployment Design and Cost Management

Best practices and a holistic approach to design and cost management ensure your IT field services delivery are efficient and cost-effective.

Kinettix helps clients create a detailed deployment design that covers every aspect of a technology deployment. This includes designing the Who, What, When, Where, and How required for a deployment. By taking a comprehensive approach to design, Kinettix FieldFlexSM Deployment Design ensures your technology deployment is cost-efficient and effective.


The design process takes into account all aspects of the deployment, including budget, resources, timelines, and goals, which helps to minimize any potential issues and ensures a successful project rollout. The result is a well-designed technology deployment that meets the specific needs of your business.


2. Reduce the Reliance on Third-Party Providers

Reduced reliance on third-party providers is another key benefit of Kinettix FieldFlexSM Deployment Design. When an organization uses third-party providers for technology deployments, it can be difficult to ensure the provider is meeting the organization's specific needs and that the quality and compliance of the deployment are up to standards.

With Kinettix FieldFlexSM Deployment Design, your organization takes control of its technology deployments and reduces its reliance on third-party providers. As a result, you are better equipped to manage the quality and compliance of your operations.

3. Increased proactivity and scalability

With Kinettix FieldFlexSM Deployment Design, your organization takes a proactive approach to managing technology deployments, as well as anticipating and addressing potential issues before they arise. This leads to improved efficiency and a greater likelihood of successful rollouts.

This also allows your organization to proactively identify opportunities for scaling and improving overall IT strategy. Say goodbye to reactive management and hello to a proactive and scalable approach with Kinettix FieldFlexSM Deployment Design.

Our Deployment Design Services
Take Your Business to a New Level

At Kinettix, we understand the challenges that come with managing IT field services delivery. ur FieldFlexSM Deployment Design approach is customized to address these challenges head-on.

Our approach offers customization to meet your specific needs, enables proactivity and scalability to improve your IT strategy, and reduces reliance on third-party providers by providing necessary resources and expertise. This gives you more control over the quality and compliance of your deployments and eliminates the need for additional coverage or support.


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As an experienced IT Field Services Manager who has completed numerous project deployments, you have most likely experienced some failed deployments at some point. Here at Kinettix, we see this problem frequently with our client’s deployments, and we can help.