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As a Retail IT provider, you need to have the field service capacity to handle regional or global installations, surges in demand, and the troubleshooting and maintenance of your infrastructure. Many companies find it impossible to address all these capacities with their W-2 workforce.

That is where Kinettix can help. We serve as a global field service arm of your company. No matter what your need, we can provide the field service technicians and management services to ensure that you have a  reliable, contingent workforce to meet your business needs. Our services are easy to access and can be integrated with your existing system.  

Whether you are deploying your technology or providing ongoing maintenance and support, our global network, service centers, and 24 x 7 x 365 operations provide the field service solutions you need. No matter what the complexity of the implementation, we have the proven processes to ensure a successful outcome is delivered.  


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We serve as a complete field service partner. Our experienced technicians and coordinators can complete or assist in: 

New Store Builds
Project Planning and Coordination
Equipment installations (including
    general contracting and light electrical work)
Dispatch – As needed support.
Troubleshoot, repair, and replace

Kinettix Retail IT Service

Complete Global Field Service Partner 

Leveraging our services gives you a global reach, reduces your field services spending, and ensures you always have the techs you need to complete any project you might have.  

  • Global coverage: We support over 200 countries
  • We create technical support centers and assure our project coordinators and technical coordinators are subject matter experts in your platform. The more we support the techs on-site the broader the tech pool and less work to your core team for supporting the basic troubleshooting or release of the techs.

  • Use our Field Flex program to create scalable teams using your own technicians or technician talent pools
  • We understand the dynamics of working in a retail environment and ensuring that we are in no way impeding customer traffic and ensuring your operations are not disrupted. We are accustomed to performing this work before or after store closing.

Field Services Made Simple 

We make it easy to engage our team to suit your requirements. This can be as simple as opening a web chat on our website, sending an email, or making a phone call. But the real value that we bring is that we are API driven. Through our proprietary Dispatch 1 platform, you can integrate our services into your system and processes. This “wave of the future” way of interacting reduces emails, makes communication specific and scalable, and allows you to access our services through your own platform.  

Retail IT Systems We Install and Support




Creating local reach on a global scale

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Kinettix is the go-to global leader in providing IT field technicians and break/fix dispatches to U.S.-based enterprises and managed service providers, anywhere, anytime. We bridge the gap between traditional staffing and a reliable contingent workforce.