Our Global Operations Center is staffed 24 x 7 x 365 with up to 30 team members.

Since establishing a Global Operations Center in Cebu, Philippines, five years ago, Kinettix has continued to invest and expand its facilities. In July 2020, we announced the relocation and upgrade of our Cebu-based facility to a more central location. The improved Global Operations Center is now centrally located and includes a stronger IT infrastructure and data center space with diverse Internet connectivity and redundant power.

Our Global Operations Center is staffed 24 x 7 x 365 with up to 30 team members. These resources include Project Management and Coordination, Technical Coordination, Vendor Development, Billing, and Human Resources.

Kinettix also continues to invest in tools and its own fully integrated platform, Dispatch1®, to support and scale the remote services provided by our Global Operations Center. We are dedicated to an ongoing process of training and timely education.

Let's take a closer look at the Global Operations Center and how it helps Kinettix support clients doing business in Cebu.





5th Floor, Corporate Center 1
Central Block Cebu IT Park V. Padriga St, Cebu City, Cebu, Philippines 

Number of Staff:  100+

Events Processed Per Year:  30,000+

Dedicated Staffing Teams for various providers.

IT infrastructure allows true 24/7/365 operations.


Sourcing - English is the second language in the Philippines, so most Cebuanos speak it fluently. As a result, Cebu offers a large pool of highly educated, tech-savvy individuals that are conversant in English.

Recruitment portals - JobStreet®, Mynimo®, and Indeed® are just a few of the many portals we use to find well-qualified applicants.

Onboarding - All confirmed new hires are asked to submit pre-employment requirements (e.g., NBI clearance, barangay health medical clearance, SSS, PHIC, HDMF, tax identification numbers, etc.) before reporting on their first day.

Kinettix Cebu initially conducts phone interviews before recommending a technical and final interview by Kinettix US management. Turnaround time for this process usually takes a week or two, depending on the urgency of the requirement/work demands.

Our new employees are onboarded through a two-week period of technical training by their superior. Following this training, their superior observes and monitors the employee's activities for 90 days. It is only after this period of extended mentoring and training that they are considered a fully vetted Kinettix coordinator.


The Cebu DevOps team (consisting of software, quality assurance, and user-experience engineers), have a specialized onboarding process. This process varies slightly based on role, but the general program consists of some combination of the following:

a. Project coordination training with a training specialist to learn the business domain

b. Microsoft Azure DevOps training (Udemy)

c. Test Driven Development training (Udemy)

d. Microsoft SQL Server training (Udemy)

Weekly design patterns training on architecture and coding strategy best-practices is required for all team members. Pair-coding with a technical lead is required in some roles and encouraged for all. Code reviews with a technical lead is encouraged and will soon be required as part of the software development lifecycle. Managers and technical leads work with team members on a customized educational path when requested or deemed necessary.


Kinettix puts a strong emphasis on employee training and development. The program is designed to enhance and further develop skills that align with product and service offerings.

Below is an outline of the various components of the training and development program.

1. Training platform; Kinettix utilizes the Percipio Skillsoft platform. Percipio is an intelligent online learning platform, which leverages highly engaging content, curated into over 500 learning channels that are continuously updated. With Percipio, learners choose how they want to learn with videos to watch, books or summaries to read, and audiobooks to listen. The major focus areas are:

a. Customer experience
b. Leadership and management skills
c. Communication
d. Specialized training

i. PMI - Project Management
ii. ITIL Training
iii. Technical Training

2. Cross-training; Kinettix schedules inter-departmental and cross-departmental cross-training rotations based on the employee's development plans. These activities are coordinated between department managers and the training manager.

3. Outside training courses, Kinettix leverages a variety of third-party training partners to supplement the internal training resources.
a. Rivan IT Training - Local to Cebu Philippines, Rivan provides on-site, hands-on IT training.
b. PMI Bootcamps

4. In-house Training Courses: Kinettix provides in-house, Computer Based Training courses on various tools and platforms.

a. Dispatch1®
b. Accounting software and tools
c. Customer tools and platforms
d. General process improvement
e. Project Coordination


Our local Specialists are subject matter experts who are trained to equip and coach their subordinates. The entire team is overseen by the US management team and the local HR/Accounting department heads.

Cebu+Stock+PhotoEmployees also undergo an annual performance evaluation (self-assessment and by management). These assessments are discussed to ensure a workforce that is constantly growing and improving.

Kinettix is committed to a management style that emphasizes the development of our staff. We are constantly seeking ways to surface and develop training needs for the good of our employees and the betterment of our company.




Kinettix primary Project Coordination and remote services are based in the Cebu Center. This team has been built from a proven operating model allowing our clients to quickly scale their deployments to meet the demands of the business. The Project Coordinators specialize in;

  • ·Talent Pool Development
  • ·Field Technician Management
  • ·Ticket Management
  • ·Field Technician and Site Call-Aheads
  • ·Field Technician Check-In / Check-Out
  • ·Deliverables Collection & Auditing
  • ·Installation Reviews
  • ·Equipment Shipping & Arrival Confirmation
  • ·Billing Audits


The majority of Kinettix's DevOps Team is centralized in the Cebu office. This team is comprised of full-stack developers, UI/UX developers, mobile developers, and quality assurance engineers. The team is the primary source of development for our proprietary platform Dispatch1®. This platform is architected on the Microsoft Azure platform and is used not only internally by Kinettix, but our clients are integrated directly into Dispatch1.

The team is managed by the U.S. team and operates using the agile development methodology. Sprints are completed weekly or biweekly, as determined by the business needs, and regular reviews, retrospectives and planning meetings are conducted. All team members attend a daily stand up with the U.S. team where they share their completed and planned work and review any issues they may be encountering. The leadership strives to make the team collaborate and constantly growing by conducting peer coding sessions, one-on-one mentoring sessions, as well as team collaboration events.



Kinettix conducts business in all 50 states, we also operate in over 100 unique countries. To meet this challenge, we have developed an accounting team that is knowledgeable and skilled in navigating reporting requirements, understanding varied tax requirements and invoicing and payments in any currency desired to the ever-expanding global marketplace.

Kinettix currently files sales and use tax in all 50 States with the remittances and filings being performed by our Cebu accounting team. We also have entities in various countries around the globe to ensure VAT recoverable invoices are generated and VAT / GST is recovered. Again, all these tasks are performed out of the Cebu Center. Our accounting department is also equipped to manage the day-to-day tasks of invoicing, collections, payables and PO generation. We can also do internal auditing for SOX compliance in addition to the development of process and procedure documentation tailored to your company and industry.With our full time CPA’s and dedicated support staff our accounting team can offer scaling and remote services (staff augmentation for service providers as needed).



As a key component of our 24/7 global IT management capacity, Cebu has state-of-the-art IT and security systems. Together they provide the capacity and reliability to meet our growing global demand.

The system is highlighted by:

  • A 100 Mbps Fiber Optic line with back-up

  • CAT 5 Standard computer cabling

  • A managed firewall

  • Backup Generator


Cebu-City is also called Queen City of the South and has become one of the most popular tourist destinations in the Philippines. It is the capital and largest city on the island of Cebu. Cebu is a rapidly growing city that provides an excellent quality of life. This vibrant city serves as the ideal location of our global operations center. It allows us to draw from a large pool of energetic, tech-savvy, English-speaking applicants.

Our offices in the Central Bloc Corporate Center 1 IT Park Cebu City are ideally located for providing excellent IT support. The Center is a short drive from the airport and is served by 24/7 public transportation. It is surrounded by a shopping and restaurant district making it an attractive work location for talented employees.

The Cebu office has a designated area for Project Coordination, Software Development and Administrative departments. It includes a break room, conference room, training room, interview rooms, and even a fully-staffed health clinic.


In March, Kinettix proudly announced its expansion to open a new service center in Manila. This facility will work in direct coordination with our Cebu office, providing both redundancy and geographic diversity. CEO Chad Mattix visited both locations last month and noted the proven success of the rapidly growing teams.
"We're thrilled for this expansion," he said. "Our presence in the Philippines is what allows us to be a true 24x7x365 operation."

In addition to our optimal office space, we seek to draw top talent by offering an attractive employment package including:

  Competitive salary, account-specific benefits, and performance incentives.

HMO coverage (medical and dental)

Life Insurance

Modern office spaces and employee-centric facilities

Accessible locations around commercial areas and transportation hubs

Mentoring and development programs for career growth opportunities

Exceptional employee engagement activities

Monthly Breakout meetings, daily pep talks

Monthly rewards and recognition

Monthly Birthday Bash

Bi-monthly Pizza Day / Burger-Fries Day

We're proud of our team at the Operations Center in Cebu. They have created a dynamic environment filled with talented employees. This allows Kinettix to deliver world-class IT tech management services around the clock and around the globe.


If you're interested in more information about our Global Operations Center or if you would like to learn about our service offerings, please contact Kinettix Cebu City, Philippines at If you're interested in our open career opportunities, click here.



Installing, maintaining, and retiring assets across any number of sites all over the world presents many challenges. Delivering high-quality services require dedication and oversight in order for project managers and technicians to operate at their best levels.