The emerging markets of Brazil, Russia, India, and China (BRIC) could become among the four most dominant economies in the world by the year 2050, according to some economists. These four countries make up 40 percent of the world's population and hold a combined GDP of $20 trillion — approximately one-third of the global GDP. And due to lower labor and production costs in these countries, they represent promising opportunities for U.S.-based companies that are expanding internationally and the managed service providers that support them.

At Kinettix, we’re deeply familiar with the risks and challenges of doing business in each of these emerging markets. And we take the complexity out of doing business in the BRIC Region by leveraging our established partnerships with vendors and partners in each country. With these partnerships and our expertise with cloud-based Workforce Management platforms, including WorkMarket and Field Nation, we develop and deploy a trusted contingent workforce for your IT project — whether it’s an enterprise-level, multi-site deployment in India or a break/fix dispatch at a retail store in Russia.

We can help you navigate issues in the BRIC region, including:


  • Incorporation regulations and costs, taxes and tax reporting

  • Compliance with FDI (Foreign Direct Investment) and labor regulations

  • Importing and exporting


  • Language barriers

  • Establishing the proper legal presence

  • Taxes and tax concessions

  • Accounting

  • Government limitations on imports

  • Compliance with anti-terrorism laws (for telecoms)


  • Incorporation regulations and costs

  • Taxes

  • Construction permits

  • Enforcing contracts

  • Price negotiation


  • Cultural considerations such as guanxi

  • IT and telecom regulations

  • Licensing and permits

  • Product compliance and approvals

  • Government limitations on imports

  • Labor demand and costs

  • Administrative requirements


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