Your Questions Answered

Why should we use Kinettix to build our dedicated field services platform?

As your partner, we’ll shoulder the workload of developing a dedicated cloud-based labor platform for your organization while also giving you full ownership over and transparency into our people and processes.

With our model, you no longer have to rely on third parties for each new project. Instead, you can leverage our stable and extensive network of global partners and fully-vetted field technicians to start your new projects more efficiently and cost-effectively.


How does Kinettix deliver managed outcomes to its clients?

Kinettix delivers managed outcomes to our clients through four key components:

  • Developing and maintaining a large global network of qualified field technicians for your current and upcoming IT deployments and other projects;

  • Setting a clear and comprehensive scope for each project and defining expectations and goals;

  • Establishing costs for each project for clients upfront through a transparent and detailed pro forma;

  • Using our project managers and coordinators to develop SOW documents, draft technician scripts, implement team training to streamline processes and create efficiencies, create reporting metrics and templates, and see projects through to completion.

We maintain and manage your field services platform so that the command and control of your IT projects are always under your purview, in line with our commitment to total transparency. Our goal is to develop a mature, scalable, and global platform that provides you the confidence that any IT project anywhere will be done correctly, on time, and on budget.


How many countries does Kinettix support?

Kinettix can manage field services and provide strategic support in over 90 countries worldwide, including all of North America; APAC (Asia-Pacific); EMEA (Europe, Middle East, and Africa); BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India, and China); and LATAM (Latin America). This number is growing continually as we add more local partners to our global alliance.


How can you help us scale our field service platform?

Our extensive global alliance of partners provides qualified field technicians, valuable local insights into the nuances of doing business in their region, and high-end strategies for establishing a permanent presence there. Through these partnerships, our clients have access to a wealth of resources to assist in any international expansion.

On a project-to-project basis, Kinettix can also fill in the gaps of on-site talent and oversight to allow our clients to flex with the demand of each project. For integrators taking on bigger clients and larger-scale jobs — especially simultaneous deployments in multiple locations — our talent pool can bolster your own.


How long does it take to establish a fully-mature, dedicated platform?

Your platform depends on the scale and size of your organization, the intricacies of your routine work, and the diversity of the projects you take on. Regardless, our expert project managers and coordinators hit the ground running on any new project and need little onboarding time.

Kinettix builds platforms for our clients that grow with your organization and the scale of your IT projects. The model we use for developing each dedicated field services management platform allows the platform to be utilized and automated quickly and then grow as needed.


How does utilizing Kinettix as a managed service provider control costs?

Kinettix is committed to transparent pricing by setting a defined scope in the initial statement of work and billing upfront through a detailed pro forma. This establishes clear costs assembles the right team of field technicians at the outset. Our expert project managers and coordinators hire and schedule the talent for each project to ensure quality outcomes and prevent redundant costs.


What are the typical costs involved with transitioning to a dedicated field services management platform?

In addition to the costs involved in acquiring and paying field technicians, the specific tasks involved in the work and variances in regional pricing and availability affect the overall price tag. In addition, it’s important to incorporate a risk pool to prepare for the unexpected issues that can arise in any IT deployment.


Are your prices all-inclusive?

Yes. Our commitment to transparency extends to setting a comprehensive price through pro forma invoicing. That cost includes duty, VAT, currency exchange differences, and risk management. We won’t come back to you with price increases after setting them initially.


Can you bill in local currency?

We’re happy to discuss this with you. Through our commitment to transparency, we believe in working together with clients and our partners to outline the benefits and drawbacks of billing in local currency and then developing the most beneficial strategy.