At Kinettix, we’re proud of our global reach, but supporting organizations operating in the United States is every bit as important to us.

We have the knowledge and the talent base to manage U.S. field services for our clients at a controlled, predictable cost. Our experience managing field services spans a wide array of industries and companies, including retail technology, telecommunications, managed service providers, and IT integrators. We can handle onsite, remote, and logistical services ranging from break/fix dispatches to enterprise-level rollouts. 

Based in Cincinnati, Ohio, our team of project managers and coordinators will handle all of the details involved in IT deployments of any scope or scale, including finding fully-vetted technicians, project management, project coordination, and risk management — all while giving you full transparency into the process. 

Our experience in many sectors also allows us to provide IT consulting for our clients. We’ll work with you to take care of the IT projects you already have planned and also strategize for the future, both domestically and internationally.

NORTH AMERICA GUIDE — Kinettix Global IT Workforce Series

Contact Kinettix North America:

4555 Lake Forest Dr. Suite 540
Cincinnati, OH 45242