FieldFlex provides coordination-on-demand to managed service providers seeking scale.

May 9, 2023 12:43:28 PM | FieldFlex What You Should Know About FieldFlex Coordination-On-Demand

Learn how this innovative coordination-on-demand service helps organizations quickly adapt to shifting client needs.

In today’s dynamic and rapidly evolving business landscape, organizations are continuously confronted with the daunting task of keeping up with ever-changing demands. The ability to scale IT operations efficiently has become paramount for success. The pressure of meeting these fluctuations while maintaining smooth operations can create mounting frustration and lead to costly consequences.

Enter FieldFlexSM, an innovative coordination-on-demand service designed by Kinettix to alleviate this burden. With FieldFlex, organizations can quickly adapt to shifting demands, ensuring a seamless transition and optimized IT operations. This cutting-edge solution not only addresses the pressing issue of scalability but also empowers businesses to thrive in a competitive market with confidence and agility. 

What Is FieldFlexSM

FieldFlex is a robust coordination-on-demand service specifically designed to enable organizations to adeptly scale their IT operations in line with dynamic needs. This service boasts an impressive array of benefits, including cost savings, heightened efficiency, and unparalleled flexibility, allowing businesses to maintain a competitive edge in today's rapidly evolving landscape.

Embracing an "everything but the tech" philosophy, FieldFlex allows clients to minimize labor costs by engaging directly with field technicians. Kinettix supplies dedicated teams of IT field services coordinators  who integrate seamlessly with the client's tools and processes. This approach eliminates margin stacking and fosters transparency, creating a more effective and collaborative working relationship. 

The FieldFlex Portfolio of Coordination-On-Demand Services 

FieldFlex offers a diverse and robust suite of services meticulously designed to address a broad spectrum of IT coordination-on-demand needs. 

Deployment Design

FieldFlex's seasoned team of experts collaborates with organizations to design and strategize IT deployments, guaranteeing seamless execution and minimizing potential disruptions. This comprehensive service covers every facet of the deployment process, from conducting site surveys to procuring and installing hardware. 

Staff Augmentation

FieldFlex delivers adaptive staffing solutions, empowering your organization to effectively scale its IT workforce in response to varying demands. Your business can promptly address changing needs and avoid the time-consuming and costly recruitment processes often associated with hiring permanent staff by accessing a vast talent pool of highly skilled technicians with diverse expertise.

This strategic approach to staffing not only optimizes resource allocation but also ensures that your organization maintains agility and operational efficiency in a competitive market. 

Remote Services

FieldFlex's remote services gives organizations the coordination resources they need to properly deploy and manage IT Field Technicians while allowing you to directly engage with the techs and lower your costs. .This unique staffing and support model allows you to flex your own staff as demands rise and fall not only for deployment projects, but they can be used to handle increased volumes in your call / help center, overnight support for technicians working in various locations, technical support either to technicians or end users for your clients, and even ticket auditing and follow up.

Transition Services

For clients that have made a commitment to engage IT Field Services Technicians directly via a labor platform, we offer Transition Services that takes you through building a roadmap from fully outsourced to internally supported. We work with you to develop a timeline and milestones that match your organizational objectives and project schedule. Once developed, you can travel the roadmap independently or our Transition Managers can assist you throughout the various stages. 

Solutioning Services

We understand the complexity of global IT deployments that you often receive from your clients as opportunities. Whether it is an RFI, RFP, or a single request for services, we are here to help you respond. With our experienced staff of Solution Architects and our global network of IT field techs, we can assist you with developing not only a viable solution, but we walk you through the journey of developing the associated proforma. This ensures you are capturing all associated costs while providing a holistic solution to your client.

Support Services

We help OEM and OEM reseller organizations expand their product offerings globally by leveraging our FieldFlex Support services. We work with you to cost effectively build a centralized knowledge center to support IT field techs and end users. By utilizing our Hypercare approach to service delivery, we determine the requirements to properly provide the right level of support for varying degrees of use cases and then build a roadmap to deploy. This can include 24 X 7 X 365 support globally, multiple and diverse customers, multiple levels of support with the appropriately trained agents, and multilingual training content and process development. 


FieldFlex's IT coordination-on-demand services provide organizations with a comprehensive solution to effectively scale their IT operations and address fluctuating business demands. The diverse portfolio of services, including deployment design, staff augmentation, remote services, transition services, solutioning services, and support services allows businesses to optimize their IT infrastructure and maintain a competitive edge in the market.

To learn more about how FieldFlex can help your organization achieve greater efficiency and flexibility in its IT operations, contact Kinettix today and explore the possibilities of coordination-on-demand services tailored to your unique needs.

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Lisa Cook

Written By: Lisa Cook

With more than 30 years in the technology field, Lisa has deep experience overseeing the design, analysis, implementation, deployment and support of varying sizes and complexities of technology initiatives across a broad range of industries. Her experience has allowed her to provide all aspects of technology deployment support to national and global clients such as Walgreens, Ulta Beauty, Office Max, Walmart, Blockbuster, American Eagle, Chrysler, Simon Property Group, and CBL & Associates. As the founder of OPL Technologies, Lisa is an integral part of the Kinettix Team due to her expertise in designing and managing complex multi-site technology deployments. She is the author of the recently released book “Designing Retail Success: A Blueprint for Designing Retail Technology Deployments.”