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Nov 7, 2023 3:00:00 PM | How QSR’s can seamlessly implement digital signage upgrades – with scale and quality

It is essential for Quick Serve Restaurants with a national or global footprint to have a reliable IT field services partner. Here's how Kinettix can help.

In the fast-paced world of Quick Service Restaurants (QSRs), digital signage plays a pivotal role in enhancing customer engagement and streamlining operations. These dynamic displays offer a wealth of benefits, from showcasing vibrant menus to displaying promotional content and even enabling self-service through interactive kiosks. 

The Challenges of Digital Signage for Quick Serve Restaurants 

But the wonder of digital signage is not without its challenges. Here are some of the obstacles restaurant owners face in leveraging digital signage: 

  • Technical Intricacies: The installation process extends beyond mere hardware setup. It includes network establishment, software configuration, and integration with current IT infrastructure. 
  • Continuous Uptime: Maintaining flawless operation of digital signs without interruptions or downtime is vital to deliver an uninterrupted customer experience. 
  • Scalability: With expansion comes the need for uniform replication of digital signage systems across various locations, ensuring consistency in customer experience. 
  • Maintenance & Troubleshooting: Digital signage may face unexpected hurdles like any technology. Swift identification and resolution of these issues are paramount to avoid service disruption. 

Finding an IT Field Services Partner 

For larger restaurant chains or franchises, these challenges often make using in-house technicians for digital signage installation and maintenance impractical. Getting the tech with the right skillset onsite in a timely manner across a number of time zones simply isn’t possible.  

This is why it is essential for Quick Serve Restaurants with a national footprint, or a rapid growth curve, to find a reliable IT field service partner. These providers offer an expansive network of experienced technicians, which ensures scalability and flexibility that most QSRs would struggle to achieve with their own in-house teams. They provide a breadth of specialized skills and resources capable of tackling diverse technical requirements, thereby facilitating efficient and consistent installations.  

Avoiding Operational Inefficiencies 

This approach significantly reduces the risk of costly downtime. When your signage is down, it leads to a poor customer experience and possibly loss of business. It is critical for all QSRs to have a means of getting a tech onsite immediately when something goes wrong. But trying to manage break/fix services internally leads to inefficient operations and an excess of tech downtime. National or global IT field service providers solve this problem by using on-demand technicians that are paid only when they are needed. In addition, they can provide comprehensive project coordination, from dispatching technicians to handling complex scheduling scenarios, which allows QSRs to focus on their core business.  

With their break/fix dispatch services, capable IT field service partners provide rapid response to any technical issues that may arise, minimizing downtime and ensuring smooth operations. Technicians can troubleshoot problems on-site, fixing them promptly or escalating them as necessary. 

Freedom to Scale Your Business 

The scalability offered by these services is another significant advantage for QSRs. As businesses grow and expand to new locations, managing uniformity in digital signage across all outlets can be challenging. Here again, IT field service providers come into play. Global field service providers, like Kinettix, give restaurants field service coverage no matter where they are seeking to expand. Whether it is moving to a new region, or an international expansion, they put qualified techs onsite managed by a team experienced with the specific needs of your restaurant.   

Effective use of digital signage in QSRs goes hand-in-hand with reliable IT Field Services. With our global footprint and expertise in restaurant technology installation and break/fix, Kinettix can serve as a single partner to help meet your field service needs. By providing skilled labor for installation and maintenance coupled with prompt troubleshooting solutions, you can help you enhance your customer experience through innovative, reliable digital displays. 

Scott Huetter

Written By: Scott Huetter

With over a decade working in the technology industry, Scott has extensive experience building reliable, scalable field service models. A Certified Food Service Technology Professional, Scott specializes in restaurant tech and has consulted major QSR’s with their digital transformation. He is passionate about creating sustainable partnerships and delivering seamless solutions for his clients. Scott has a B.S. in Marketing from Clemson University and MBA from Bowling Green State University. He lives in Cincinnati with his wife and three children.