IT staff augmentation helps companies scale their field services operations.

Apr 6, 2023 3:20:50 PM | FieldFlex IT Staff Augmentation Enables Field Services Scalability

IT staff augmentation empowers organizations to capitalize on new opportunities and stay competitive in today’s dynamic digital landscape.

In today’s increasingly digital business environment, organizations that utilize IT field services struggle to scale quickly and efficiently. When you consider the limitations of internal IT departments, it becomes clear why so many businesses are searching for any way to gain an edge over their competitors.

IT staff augmentation is at the forefront of this digital paradigm, and many organizations are leveraging this recruitment model to increase their agility and adaptability.

Kinettix’s unique FieldFlexSM solution, for example, helps organizations scale operations without putting an added burden on their internal teams. Using our global network of IT talent, you can scale up or down on demand, without being hindered by staffing concerns, budgetary constraints, or ongoing HR costs. 

Let us examine how IT staff augmentation empowers organizations to capitalize on new opportunities and stay competitive in today’s dynamic digital landscape. 

What is IT Staff Augmentation?

Staff augmentation is an increasingly popular recruitment model that enables companies to take advantage of the ebb and flow of demand, without stressing their internal departments. Instead of hiring full-time employees, a company will supplement its staff with outside talent from a third-party provider.

IT staff augmentation can cover many resource types and can require resources for a short duration or for many years. Specifically for IT field services, there is a large demand for IT field techs, network engineers, and cabling techs that visit client locations regularly to supplement an existing team. 

With the demand for IT field techs comes ancillary and supportive roles like project coordinators, project managers, and program managers to allow organizations to scale quickly and support the techs in the field. 

A specific area of high growth is the use of Technical Coordinators. These people directly support field techs and assist them through onsite events. Through Kinettix’s FieldFlex program, we have a large group of Technical Coordinators that support various project deployments for diverse clients. This includes triaging issues, confirming that all systems are running as they should, and conducting testing and compliance of devices on site.   

How IT Staff Augmentation Helps You Achieve Scale

While increasing scalability is paramount, you still need qualified technicians and reliable technical coordinators by your side to ensure a seamless deployment. IT staff augmentation, particularly programs like Kinettix’s FieldFlex, has many benefits that help you achieve scale.

Avoid the hassle of HR and payroll

Undoubtedly, the most immediate benefit of staff augmentation is avoiding the complexities of HR. While full-time employees come with lengthy hiring and onboarding processes that can stretch out for months, IT staff augmentation allows you to draw from an on-demand talent pool to meet your needs without waiting around while you miss valuable opportunities.

This approach allows you to scale rapidly without overburdening your HR department or dealing with costly payroll procedures. This approach can help you avoid unnecessary time and resource expenditures, allowing you to concentrate on the core activities of your business growth. 

Leverage expertise for short-term projects

It is very common for large organizations to have an entire portfolio of projects running simultaneously. While many of them can span over a year and have a great deal of complexity, there are always smaller and less complex projects that may require specific resources with expertise that does not currently exist within your employee pool.

Utilizing IT staff augmentation allows you to engage those resources with the much-needed expertise for the specific duration of the project. Not only do you deliver the quality results you promised your client, but you have also made it “budget-friendly” by utilizing IT staff augmentation resources.

Try before you buy

One of the biggest benefits of utilizing IT staff augmentation is that there is usually a buy-out clause in the staff augmentation agreement that allows you to hire a resource as a full-time employee. This means you have the opportunity to work with them for an extended period of time before you have to make the decision to hire or not to hire.

This works well when it is a new position, and you want to ensure you have the right person in the right seat before you go through the expensive process of placing them on your payroll. With IT staff augmentation resources, you can terminate them immediately from the position if they are not working out. This is not a luxury with full-time employees, as it can be a long, drawn-out HR process to terminate an employee.

Final Thoughts 

As more companies undergo a “digital transformation,” new paradigms shape the recruitment world. Many companies are taking advantage of more efficient models, like IT staff augmentation, to gain an edge over the competition and scale at a more rapid pace.

It is easy to see why so many companies are migrating to staff augmentation: the cost benefits, on-demand talent pool, cost-effectively acquiring specific skill sets, and the ability to vet potential full-time hires.

Kinettix’s FieldFlex program helps take your business to the next level. With FieldFlex, you can take advantage of Kinettix's vast network of IT specialists to effectively manage your projects and handle your IT deployment from start to finish, whether it's a large deployment or a smaller project.

Contact Kinettix today to find out how our FieldFlex services can increase your field services' scalability.

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Lisa Cook

Written By: Lisa Cook

With more than 30 years in the technology field, Lisa has deep experience overseeing the design, analysis, implementation, deployment and support of varying sizes and complexities of technology initiatives across a broad range of industries. Her experience has allowed her to provide all aspects of technology deployment support to national and global clients such as Walgreens, Ulta Beauty, Office Max, Walmart, Blockbuster, American Eagle, Chrysler, Simon Property Group, and CBL & Associates. As the founder of OPL Technologies, Lisa is an integral part of the Kinettix Team due to her expertise in designing and managing complex multi-site technology deployments. She is the author of the recently released book “Designing Retail Success: A Blueprint for Designing Retail Technology Deployments.”