Kinettix Launches Global IT Field Services Solution

Feb 15, 2023 8:35:37 PM | FieldFlex Kinettix Launches Global IT Field Services Solution

FieldFlex provides access to a scalable on-demand field service coordination workforce.

Today, Kinettix, the go-to global leader in providing IT field technicians and break-fix dispatches to U.S.-based enterprises, announced the launch of FieldFlex. This offering gives companies the ability to leverage their own technician talent pools, tools, and processes and partner with Kinettix to help them scale the coordination efforts for field technicians.  


FieldFlex addresses a critical need as companies increasingly value a flexible, scalable workforce. Kinettix is partnering with several IT field services companies to provide vetted resources for remote services, staff augmentation, as well as deployment design and management.


The company provides an “everything but the tech” approach to allow clients to reduce labor costs by contracting directly with field technicians. Kinettix provides dedicated teams who are experts in field service operations and work within the client’s tools and processes to eliminate margin stacking of technicians and provide a more transparent way of working together.


“Kinettix is creating the largest on-demand coordination workforce that is powered by FieldFlex and the Dispatch1® platform. This provides hands-on management and increased visibility for clients,” said Chad Mattix, CEO of Kinettix. “We believe FieldFlex is the future model for us to engage and support our large IT Service Provider partners. Cost matters, but companies need a team that can scale the demand that is associated with deployment work.”


2022 showed the impact of globalization and the great resignation due to a remote-first mindset. In 2023, Kinettix is ensuring that businesses have the support of an on-demand workforce with the most sought-after skills and top-notch work histories. One partner, Field Nation, has already helped over 7,000 companies at a 40% cost savings, and the partners expect these numbers to continue to grow.


We’re seeing the market shift towards companies augmenting a core team with a qualified, on-demand team that can grow or contract. But as the nature of work changes, platforms must invest in sustainable operations in order to support them,” said Mynul Khan, CEO of Field Nation. “That’s why Field Nation is excited to partner with Kinettix on FieldFlex to make an end-to-end solution for efficient, responsive growth.”


Through FieldFlex, the partners can dispatch IT resources 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year — regardless of time zone. The solution makes it simple for companies in any industry to deploy and coordinate field service teams worldwide. FieldFlex services are available with an annual agreement or on an on-demand basis while allowing businesses to control and manage every deployment.


Lisa Cook, Vice President of Strategic Design who leads the FieldFlex program for Kinettix, added, “Partners like Field Nation provide the IT Field Technician talent and Kinettix provides the wrap-around coordination services that allow customers to recognize cost savings on all of their IT Field Services events. We are excited about working with our partners to provide world-class services that help businesses scale.”

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