Kinettix Provides On-Demand Remote Services

Mar 27, 2020 12:00:00 PM | FieldFlex An Overview of Kinettix's On-Demand Remote Services

We at Kinettix has made major investments in our Remote Services offering to help our Clients better respond to industry challenges.

Kinettix is the go-to global leader in providing IT Field Technicians and break/fix dispatches to U.S.-based enterprises and managed service providers (MSPs), anywhere, anytime. We take the complexity out of identifying local partners in international markets. With our wide and reliable global talent pool, expert project coordination and innovative ticket management model, we bridge the gap between traditional staffing and a reliable contingent workforce.

We understand the challenges of managing multi-site deployments while building and scaling your field services management platform. To assist our Clients with these challenges, we have made major investments in our Remote Services offering.

Utilize only the services you need, when you need them, and for as long as you need them. As always, our approach allows our Clients to quickly scale their deployments to meet the demands of the business. Learn more about the areas where Kinettix can support your business. 

Kinettix's On-Demand Remote Services

Talent Pool Development

Our Project Coordinators develop Client talent pools by recruiting Field Technicians based on the technical and project requirements.

Field Technician Management

Once your project is up and running, our Project Coordinators handle all the different aspects of Field Technician management, including:

  • Confirm completion of background checks and drug screens.
  • Confirm required tools have been acquired.
  • Ensure technical certifications have been submitted.
  • All prerequisite training has been completed and related exams graded.

Ticket Management

No matter the size of your project, our Project Coordinators ensure that each ticket is properly entered, scheduled, tracked, and closed out. If issues arise, they manage the escalation process, and upon completion, they audit the ticket to ensure the completeness of the information.

Field Technician and Site Call Aheads

Ensuring the Field Technician and site are ready for your deployment is paramount to keeping your project on schedule. Our Project Coordinators contact both prior to the scheduled deployment date, and if there are any issues, escalate immediately while there is still time to properly manage the schedule.

Field Technician Check-In / Check-Out

For the check-in and check-out of Field Technicians, our Project Coordinators will ensure the proper arrival and departure as well as any checkpoints during the deployment. This ensures that any issues encountered are quickly identified and addressed.

Deliverables Collection & Auditing

Our Project Coordinators understand the importance of ensuring the proper collection of deliverables. They will ensure all deliverables requirements are met at the time of the deployment, or they can go back, and audit previously completed deployments and track down any that may be missing.

Installation Reviews

For more complex deployments, Installation Reviews may be required in advance to properly define the scope of work. Our Project Coordinators are experienced at reviewing photos and information gathered during a site survey and providing proper feedback for scope confirmation.

Equipment Shipping & Arrival Confirmation

If equipment is required to be sent to a site prior to deployment, we track the equipment and complete confirmation calls upon arrival at the site. Additionally, we ensure to provide instructions on how the equipment should be secured until the Field Technician's arrival.

Remote Help Desk Services

For global rollouts or general operating activities, we provide remote help desk services to our clients to support installations and high call volume periods of business. This provides additional capacity that can be easily scaled up and down as needs and volume change.

Billing Audits

With multi-site deployments, billing-related activities can be overwhelming. Our Project Coordinators know how to navigate the various work orders, purchase orders, and invoices to ensure you were properly billed for the services you received.

The Kinettix Approach

At Kinettix, we structure our pricing to best meet our Client’s needs. We can provide dedicated Project Coordinator resources and set a fixed monthly rate, or we can provide a shared pool of resources and price per event or ticket. We are committed to a structure that best works for you. By utilizing a “shared pool” staffing model, we provide a very agile framework that allows staffing resources to spin up and down based on workload requirements.

We operate our own entity based in Cebu, Philippines, and we are now in the process of expanding our facilities to accommodate our rapid growth. This approach helps us ensure a well-equipped and secured facility that is seamlessly integrated into the overall Kinettix operating model. Additionally, we are now expanding into Mexico, so we are completely adaptable during crisis events such as COVID-19.

Additionally, because the COVID-19 pandemic has created obstacles for MSPs and end users alike due to the increased need for social distancing, we have repurposed our globally diverse and remote work teams to be able to help Clients respond to the high demand for remote workforce support. Our team can help your end users transition to working from home as well as take on the increase of service desk calls for existing or established service centers.

With our fully cloud-enabled Field Services management platform, Dispatch1, we are able to easily distribute our workload between our U.S. and Cebu offices. We believe having a globally diverse team operating on a single platform for our service delivery efforts is a key strategic advantage. Additionally, we believe in an API-based integration model so we can integrate with our clients and other systems and platforms that provide robustness.

We at Kinettix are here to meet your needs, no matter where in the world you need IT Field Service Management. To learn more or request On-Demand Remote Services, fill out our contact form or call 888.397.0086


Chad Mattix

Written By: Chad Mattix

A global IT executive experienced in establishing strategic partnerships for large U.S.-based organizations, Chad Mattix specializes in managed services, contract pricing and negotiation, and the startup and growth of technology services companies. Chad has spent the last 15 years helping large U.S. retailers and U.S.-based IT service providers expand their capabilities across the globe to follow their clients’ expansions. He has developed and completed full entity formations in Brazil and China and has worked with sales pursuit teams in messaging and client-facing presentations. He has also established global alliance and partnership models for multiple global IT organizations. Chad travels around the world to develop and maintain long-term relationships with employees, clients, vendors and partners, which are critical for success.