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May 19, 2023 12:07:45 PM | Restaurant IT Outsourcing Restaurant IT Installations to Cut Costs

Learn how outsourcing restaurant it installations can save you time and money.

In today's rapidly evolving digital economy, quick-service restaurants are under constant pressure to upgrade their IT infrastructure in order to stay ahead of the competition and adapt to changing customer demands. Faced with rising labor, material, and technology costs, businesses must find innovative and cost-effective solutions to maintain optimal operational efficiency. Outsourcing restaurant IT installation projects has emerged as a smart and forward-thinking approach to reducing expenses while ensuring quality technology infrastructure.

This blog explores the benefits of opting for outsourced restaurant IT installation services and underscores how this shift can position restaurants to excel in an increasingly competitive market.

The Rising Cost of Restaurant IT Installations:

The financial strain of restaurant IT installations is steadily climbing due to various factors, such as increased labor costs and the surging price of essential materials and cutting-edge technologies.  The COVID-19 pandemic further intensified the situation by accelerating the need for restaurant automation, leading to more significant investments in technology infrastructure.

Moreover, the pandemic's impact on the job market has caused a ripple effect on IT installations. Layoffs in major tech companies have resulted in a dwindling pool of internal resources. This has left restaurants grappling with higher IT installation costs, making it vital to explore alternative solutions.

Restaurant technology companies are becoming more aware of the hidden costs associated with in-house IT installations. These may include the cost of training employees, providing benefits, and covering travel expenses. Tech companies must evaluate all factors to understand the extent of the financial impact and seek cost-effective alternatives, such as outsourcing restaurant IT installations.

How Outsourcing Can Help Keep Costs Down

Outsourcing IT installation projects can be an ideal solution for businesses aiming to minimize expenses while maintaining a high-quality IT service infrastructure. By collaborating with third-party providers, companies can leverage the expertise and experience of skilled professionals without the burden of managing a costly in-house team. This strategy offers greater flexibility and control over IT installations, allowing technology providers to adapt and scale their operations in accordance with their needs.

One of the primary benefits of outsourcing is the reduction in labor costs. By depending on a third-party partner, you reduce onerous employer burden while gaining not only experienced on-site resources, but the expertise of a seasoned project management and deployment team who assist in managing on site work.  They are only paid for the work they perform, allowing companies to control their cost.

Restaurant IT Installations: A Case Study

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Final Thoughts

Outsourcing installation projects can be a cost-effective solution for QSR Technology companies looking to reduce overhead while maintaining high-quality installations. Leveraging third-party providers like Kinettix you can gain a higher value for each dollar spent.

Refrain from letting the rising cost of restaurant IT installation projects strain your business. Contact Kinettix today to see how we can help reduce your installation costs while ensuring quality installations.

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Written By: Josie Lewis

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