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Jun 6, 2023 11:25:00 AM | Restaurant IT Supporting Restaurant Tech Deployments Across the Globe

Explore the world of restaurant tech deployments with Kinettix, your global partner in innovation.

In the dynamic world of restaurant tech deployment, Kinettix stands as a global leader. Our firm offers experience providing IT field technicians and break/fix dispatches in U.S.-based enterprise and managed service providers, anywhere, anytime. 

We've bolstered our global standing with an impressive record of supporting Managed Service Providers (MSPs) and Retail Technology Companies serving Quick Service Restaurants (QSRs). This blog will delve into how you can increase your national or global footprint by leveraging the 24/7 global IT field services Kinettix provides.

How Kinettix Supports Restaurant Tech Deployments

Kinettix excels in restaurant tech deployment, supporting a spectrum of services that cater to every corner of restaurant IT. We implement the latest technology innovations to drive operational efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Outdoor Tech

Let’s start outside. Picture a bustling drive-thru with customers making choices from Outdoor Digital Menu Boards that reflect brand identity and enhance customer experience through their crisp and vibrant displays. 

At Kinettix, our teams don't just install these digital menu boards; we ensure they become integral components of the restaurant's tech ecosystem. Our expertise lies in the physical setup and integration of these boards into the tech infrastructure of the restaurant, ensuring they operate flawlessly as part of the drive-thru system.

Front-of-House Tech 

Stepping inside, Kinettix continues to impact the dining experience. We deploy any tech used in restaurant settings, including Digital Menu Boards, Security Cameras, and Point of Sale (POS) hardware Our professionals are familiar with the restaurant environment and provide courteous, timely service that will not disrupt business operations. 

Our tech deployments extend to Integrated Kiosk Systems, responding to the growing demand for self-service options. And with safety at the forefront, we handle the installation of protective measures like Sneeze Guards, ensuring both staff and patrons' safety. Additionally, we facilitate the setup of secure, touchless payment solutions, responding to the changing preferences of customers in a post-COVID world.

Back-of-House Tech

Behind the scenes, our expertise ensures that the cogs of the restaurant machine run smoothly. Rather than automation, our core competencies lie in the installation and upgrade of crucial tech elements that keep the restaurant running smoothly.

We ensure the installation of reliable wireless network solutions, perform necessary back-office tech installations, and maintain the physical health of the tech environment. 

For restaurants looking to expand or modernize, our tech deployment team oversees fresh installations, ensuring cabling safety and conducting LTE surveys for an optimized network experience.

Restaurant IT Around the Globe

Our expertise in restaurant tech deployment is showcased through various projects completed worldwide, Our team is reliable and dedicated  to achieving successful outcomes.

International Coffee Chain Phone System Upgrade

In a complex restaurant tech deployment, we partnered with an international coffee chain, successfully installing 8500 analog telephone adaptors across a vast network of stores. Our dedicated teams worked tirelessly, handling 35-50 store installations per day. 

International Drive-through Menu Board Upgrade

In another notable example, we collaborated with a leading international Quick Service Restaurant to upgrade their drive-through menu boards. This complex task involved more than just the technology implementation. 

As the lead on-site installers, we coordinated various tasks, from the intricate installation of the digital menu boards to orchestrating the necessary logistics, such as crane rental, sourcing skilled electricians, and overseeing the critical concrete foundation work. The project underscored our comprehensive capabilities in tech deployment, project management, and coordination.

National Restaurant Network Upgrades

Further highlighting our strength in restaurant tech deployment, we have undertaken network upgrades for multiple national restaurants. These establishments, part of the bustling fast-casual sector, count over 1000+ sites. 

These examples embody the breadth and depth of Kinettix's commitment to empowering the restaurant industry with cutting-edge tech solutions.

Final Thoughts

Kinettix has a deep global footprint in restaurant tech deployment and technology implementation. Our service offerings span outdoor, front-of-house, and back-of-house tech, addressing every facet of QSR technology needs.

Our international experience is a testament to our commitment, reliability, and capacity to achieve successful outcomes, no matter the scale of the project.

If you're ready to elevate your restaurant tech, enhance your customer experience, and operate at the cutting edge of QSR technology, contact Kinettix today.

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Josie Lewis

Written By: Josie Lewis

Josie Lewis is a seasoned field service executive focused on the maintenance and installation of digital signage, back of house technology, kiosks, and robotics in the QSR industry. She consults with numerous OEM’s and MSP’s to navigate the nuances of nationwide technology rollouts and achieve a successful resolution. Kinettix is a global IT field services provider that can put techs onsite anytime and anywhere. We are a reliable single-source partner for companies with a large national or international footprint that need IT field services.