Kinettix -  The Value of Transparency: Tips to Improve Your Field Services Management Strategy

Sep 30, 2020 7:00:00 AM | Field Services The Value of Transparency: Tips to Improve Your Field Services Management Strategy

Technicians and customers alike want to see transparency around field service projects. With the right tools and strategy, you can provide just that.

In 2020, transparency is the name of the game. From technology companies to online banking platforms, industry trends are advancing towards more clarity and honesty. Employees want to be able to know and take pride in what their company is doing, while customers want to know they can trust the companies from which they purchase products and services.

When it comes to actually implementing transparency practices, though, sometimes companies can get stuck. For example, you may not know which details to share, who should have access to them and how making this information available will actually help your business.

The Benefits of Transparency

For managed service providers, transparency can improve relationships across the entire business. 

Field technicians, for example, want to know what’s going on with a particular project before they begin working on it. They want to be able to know and trust that they’ll have all of the information they need before they make it to a job and try to get started. Not only does this help them feel like a core part of the team, but it also helps them provide a better experience for your customers.

Speaking of customers, they’d like transparency, too. People can sometimes be skeptical of technicians and service providers who come into their office or store. They want to know what they’re going to do, how it will help, and that the project is completed accurately and efficiently. Customers want to see exactly what they’re paying for, and if the project is ongoing, they want regular updates so they know what’s happening.

Achieving Transparency with a Field Services Management Platform

By rolling out a field services management (FSM) platform, your company can not only become more transparent, but you can also improve relationships with both your field technicians and your customers. With a good FSM platform, you can keep track of all the information, conversations, and paperwork relating to a particular customer or project. Keeping this data organized ensures that all involved technicians have access to any pertinent information. This accessibility makes them feel more involved in the process and knowledgeable about the project. 

In a slightly different way, field services management platforms help technicians — and managed service providers — feel more secure because they allow consistent oversight. This, in turn, helps ensure regulatory compliance with labor laws, safety regulations, and independent contractor guidelines. External review and tracking by an FSM platform is a valuable tool.

Customers can benefit from the transparency that comes with a good FSM platform, too. Field services management platforms allow technicians to log every step of their progress, so customers can easily track and review other important details. If they have any doubts that a particular step was completed, for example, they can view this activity log.  

Technicians can even upload pictures of the finished project, or any step in the middle, for verification. Then, when the project is complete, the technician and customer can agree on the work that was completed, customers can see any additional costs, and then they can quickly receive an invoice. Technicians can complete most, if not all, of their paperwork on-site, decreasing the lead time on the invoice, and making the process more convenient for the customer.

Transparency Improves Customer Experience

No matter who you’re serving, being able to provide transparent communication throughout a project will help both customers and technicians have a better experience. People want to know what’s happening, especially in their jobs or on work that’s being done for them. Using a field services management platform can help you meet those needs.

If you need help rolling out your field services management platform, contact Kinettix. Our qualified team can help you implement and manage your instance of this valuable tool, so your company gets the most out of its investment. 


Bob Supinger

Written By: Bob Supinger

With over 16 years of management experience in business and Information Technology, Bob has helped Kinettix build the infrastructure required to establish itself as a true leader in global IT field services, and in particular rapid response on-site troubleshooting and repair. At Kinettix, Bob leads field services, project management and vendor development organizations. His responsibilities also include operational P&L and expense control; operational strategy and overseeing plan execution; recruiting, employee engagement and development; ongoing process improvement; and customer experience. Before joining Kinettix, Bob worked for Comcast Business, Enterprise Solutions, and Contingent Network Services. He attended Edison State and Wright State University and attained a Degree in Business in 1999. He participated in and coached collegiate athletics and is currently the president of a non-profit organization supporting youth athletic programs in the community.