IT Field Services Management

Platform Management

Any organization that has dealt with IT deployments knows to some extent the wide array of details that need to be addressed in order to successfully achieve the end goal. Handling IT projects is our forte at Kinettix and our team of project managers and coordinators are prepared for handling all of the tasks inherent to field services management.

Project managers start the process through defining the goals, scope, and scale of each project with you and drafting the documentation to set those standards for everyone involved. It is through them that everyone starts a project on the same page—everyone knows what needs to be done, where, and by when before the work even begins so as to eliminate confusion and missed goals. We understand the disastrous effect a botched IT rollout has on an organization and thus believe in the ultimate value of a clear process with total transparency throughout. The only way you can feel confident that a project will meet your expectations is if you are as aware of what’s happening on the ground as we are.

That is where the project coordinators come in. They’re not just the eyes and ears providing you with regular updates and notifications, they are fully involved with the oversight of the work being done and the technicians doing the work. As soon as the project manager sets the scope of a project, the coordinators go to work finding the available talent, setting schedules, ensuring there is enough coverage for the scale of the project, synchronizing work for multi-site deployments, and setting the job in motion. Project coordinators are also well-equipped to handle the unexpected, solving issues that arise during the course of work—when staffing or logistical complications pop up they have the tools and creative problem solving to ensure it does not negatively affect the quality completion of the work at hand.

Kinettix’s field services management is the key mechanism through which we deliver a managed outcome to clients. When you come to us with an installation, upgrade, replacement, or any other IT deployment our project managers and coordinators have the experience and know-how to set a clear process, prepare for the unexpected, and meet the ultimate goal of a project completed successfully and on time.


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