Kinettix is here to help with your global staffing needs by providing dedicated and highly trained IT resources and removing the burden of additional work on your own team.


Global IT field services are changing. In today’s demanding workplace, few companies have adequate internal staff resources to handle the day-to-day challenges, surges in demand, or special situations or projects that regularly arise.

Kinettix is here to help with your global staffing needs by providing dedicated and highly trained resources and removing the burden of additional work on your own team. We leverage our long-term relationships in key regions around the world to provide you with local, dedicated resources to serve your staffing needs. Our approach allows you to better utilize your internal staff while using an interim workforce for complex projects or special nonrecurring needs.

Our Staff Augmentation Services are designed with flexibility in mind to ensure that we provide exactly the services you need.

Making Tech Vetting & Sourcing Simple  

No matter what your staffing needs, our onboarding process makes it fast and easy to get the qualified talent you need.

Discovery – Our first priority is to listen to you and understand the exact need you have, the skillset required to fill the role, and the timeframe for the position. Our job is to understand what your company wants and deliver it.

Selection – We pull from our Global Alliance and longstanding relationships around the world to find suitable candidates who have the experience, skills, and attitude to do the job well.

Implementation – Even when we find the right candidate, our job isn’t over. We will continue to support them, ensuring they exceed expectations for the project’s duration.

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How Tech Vetting & Sourcing Benefits You



Staff augmentation allows you to use talent with the specific skillset you need for the specific timeframe in which you need them. You avoid the expenses of hiring, training, and long-term employment.

SD-WAN Providers 


Meet surges in demand by getting the talent you need fast and leveraging their services for high growth periods, then easily scale back as demand wanes.

IT service providers


We leverage our global network to find the talent you need anywhere on the globe. Whether your need is across town or around the world, we provide the talent with the perfect skillset.

Managed Service Providers


We deliver technicians and managers with the proven skillset to accomplish the job. Don’t waste time and money training internal resources for short term needs.

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Is Staff Augmentation Right for You? 

Kinettix staff augmentation services are a perfect fit for companies that:  

  • Require someone with a specialized skillset they do not have on their internal workforce.

  • Have a surge in demand that requires additional IT field service talent for a limited amount of time.

  • Need employees in a country or region where they currently don’t have coverage.

  • Lack the time or resources needed to start a recruitment process.

  • Have found finding and hiring candidates with the skillsets needed to complete business-critical functions difficult.



Creating local reach on a global scale