Fully manage each dispatch from inception to final billing based on urgency and technician skillset requirements.


At Kinettix, we understand the demands of completing multiple, complex projects and the demands it can place on your existing workforce. At times, it may mean that you only need assistance with one portion of your project or rollout. With our ticket management services, we fully manage each dispatch from inception to final billing based on urgency and technician skillset requirements.

  • Ticket Processing & Management

No matter the size of your project, our project coordinators ensure that each ticket is properly entered, scheduled, tracked, and closed out. If issues arise, they manage the escalation process and upon completion, they audit the ticket to ensure completeness of information.

  • Field Technician Check-In / Check-Out

Our project coordinators ensure the proper arrival and departure of field technicians as well as keep track of all checkpoints during the deployment. This step ensures that any issues that arise are quickly identified and addressed.

  • Field Technician Remote Support

Our clients commonly request remote support for field technicians as they complete their assigned jobs. This support can include technical verification, technical troubleshooting, or technical guidance as needed. We place the right people in contact with the field technicians to ensure a seamless installation.

  • Escalation Management

While we plan for every dispatch or deployment to go perfectly, we recognize that even with the best design there can be unexpected events that require intervention and rapid response. We understand the more time that passes, the greater the cost and the less likelihood for success. That is why we work closely with our clients to design and implement escalation plans and assist them when needed. While we cannot prevent all issues, we can help you quickly and successfully respond to unplanned events. Taking the element of surprise out of the equation is just one of our many specialties.

  • Test & Turn Up

Test and turn up is the most critical time of an installation and requires experienced staff to perform these functions remotely. At Kinettix, we are experienced with walking field technicians through any type of test and turn up process that is needed. Not only do we assist with execution, but we also assist our clients in designing their test and turn up processes, so they are efficient and leave no doubt as to the final status of the site.

  • Deliverables Collection & Auditing

Our project coordinators understand the importance of ensuring the proper collection of deliverables. They will ensure all requirements are met at the time of the deployment or they can go back, and audit previously completed deployments and track down any deliverables that may be missing.

No matter the depth or breadth of your dispatch, we locate, qualify, and fully vet the appropriately skilled field technician for each event. Because of our very specific vetting process, 96% of our dispatches result in a first-time visit success, so you can be assured that you’ll be back up and doing business quickly.



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