At Kinettix, we specialize in simplifying complex global retail tech installations. Through our worldwide Partner Alliance, we source qualified field technicians, project management and coordination for retail technology projects of any scale or scope. We can coordinate anything, from replacing a router at a single store location to rolling out portfolio-wide upgrades and multi-store installations or equipment decommissions. 

Retail Technology Services

  • Deploying, decommissioning, and/or disposing of equipment, including:
    • Digital signage
    • Camera and retail analytics devices
    • Point-of-Sale systems
    • Wireless devices
    • Cabling
    • Kiosks
    • Network equipment
    • IoT devices 
    • Wireless & WAN continuity  
    • Chip & pin installation
    • Pin pad device installation
    • Traffic counter systems installation
  • Locating, sourcing, and fully vetting the appropriately skilled retail technology field technician for each installation
  • Fully managing each installation from inception to final billing based on project requirements, including:
    • Ticket processing and management
    • Retail technology field technician check-in and check-out
    • Retail technology field technician remote support
    • Escalation management
    • Test and turn up
    • Deliverables collection and auditing