Dispatch1 Client API - Revolutionizing Onsite IT Services

May 23, 2023 1:58:54 PM | Dispatch1 Dispatch1 Client API - Revolutionizing Onsite IT Services

Kinettix Dispatch1 API offers unprecedented transparency and ease of use for your IT break/fix tech dispatches.

As an industry leader in field services management, Kinettix is always seeking innovative ways to enhance and streamline the way we handle our processes. One such innovation is Dispatch1, our proprietary field services management platform. Our clients can harness the power of Dispatch1 through the Dispatch1 Client API to enable a seamless integration of client back-end systems for more efficient and automated field service management.

Breaking Down the Dispatch1 Client API 

Think of Dispatch1's Client API as the magic bridge that connects your business operations with our Dispatch1 platform. This bridge, also known as an API (Application Programming Interface), allows your system to "speak" and "understand" the language of Dispatch1, enabling a smooth exchange of information and commands between the two. 

Here's how it works: 

Imagine a work order as a digital form that needs to be filled out with several details like the type of work to be done, where it's to be done, the requirements of the technician, and so on. Now, instead of manually filling out this form, the Client API lets your system create, update, and manage these forms (work orders) automatically. This means fewer errors, less time wasted, and a more efficient use of resources. 

The API also comes with a feature called webhooks. Think of these as personal digital assistants that notify you instantly whenever the status of a work order changes. So, for example, if a work order is updated from 'scheduled' to 'work started,' you'll know about it right away, keeping you in the loop at all times. 

In simpler terms, the Dispatch1 Client API is like having a tireless, error-free digital employee in your team who handles all the paperwork, keeps you updated, and lets your employees focus on your core business. 

Your Gateway to Dispatch1: The Developer Portal 

We want to make Dispatch1 integration as simple and straightforward as possible for our clients. That's why we’ve made the Kinettix Developer Portal accessible to our clients. The portal gives your developers the same tools that we use internally to develop Dispatch1. Developers can register, receive an API key, access the Client API documentation, and even make API requests directly from the portal. 

The developer portal also provides source code implementation examples in several popular languages, and a mock version of the Client API, allowing developers to make requests and get sample responses before integrating their production environment with Dispatch1. Additionally, the portal offers several reports and visualizations on API consumption. 

Webhooks: Real-Time Updates at Your Fingertips 

With webhooks, clients receive real-time updates when work order statuses change. The API will send a POST request to the provided webhook URL when the work order status changes, keeping your team informed and ready to take the next step. Webhooks are triggered by status changes that include 'Reschedule', 'Revisit', 'Cancel', 'Hold', 'Late Tech', 'Scheduled', 'Work Started', and 'Deliverables Collected'. 

Seamless Integration for Improved Service Delivery 

By integrating your back-end system with Dispatch1's Client API, you can streamline the creation, updating, and management of work orders. With real-time status updates via webhooks, you'll always be on top of your work orders, resulting in improved service delivery and customer satisfaction. 

Getting Started with the Dispatch1 API 

To start using the Dispatch1 API, contact Kinettix here: CLIENT API (kinettix.com). After contacting Kinettix, you will be provided a URL where you can register and create an account, then explore the API documentation and test the Request Manager API using the mock environment. 

When you're ready to move to production, point to the Production base URL and use the issued Client ID and Secret for OAuth2 Client Credentials Flow. If you need support, don't hesitate to reach out to our team. 

Embrace the Future of Field Services Management Today 

The future of field services management lies in seamless integration, real-time updates, and efficient work order management. With Dispatch1's Client API, you can harness these capabilities and more. Get started today and take your field services management to the next level. 

Clay Martin

Written By: Clay Martin

Clay has worked in key IT leadership roles in multiple organizations. Clay’s responsibilities have included general IT management, software development leadership, and enterprise application architecture. He has championed the implementation of agile and SCRUM methodologies to improve productivity and efficiency in software development projects. Prior to Kinettix, Clay was CTO at Adaptive technologies, an ALM (Application Lifecycle Management) consultant for Novus Solutions, and VP of Internet Solutions for Globalair.com. He has a Bachelor of Science in Business Management from Georgetown College and an MBA from University of Phoenix.