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Sep 7, 2023 1:15:00 PM | Finding the Best IT Field Service Technician for Your Project

If you have trouble locating the right IT Field Service technician for your projects, here's how Kinettix Dispatch1 platform can make all the difference.

In today's technologically driven era, having IT systems and devices that are properly installed and well-maintained is not a luxury. It is an absolute necessity. At the very heart of these IT systems lies the IT Field Service Technician. These professionals are vital to ensuring that your IT systems are properly installed, configured, and operating smoothly and efficiently. Without the right technician doing the right work on your IT network and devices you risk costly downtime, inefficient operations, and customer dissatisfaction.  

The Challenge of Finding the Right IT Field Service Technician 

While finding the right technician for the job may seem as simple as finding a labor pool site and choosing a tech, the reality is there are several pitfalls that can lead to disastrous results or repeated revisits to get the job finally done right. Here are a few that we frequently see: 

Any Technician Can Do The Job

The assumption that any technician can perform any IT job is misleading. Each IT Field Service Technician possesses unique skills, experiences, and specializations. Some technicians may be proficient in hardware maintenance, others might excel at installing structured cabling, while yet others may specialize in network administration. It's integral to match the job requirements with a technician's skill set, certifications, and even the tools they carry for optimal results. 

Having the Right Tech is Enough 

Secondly, problems often arise from improper planning of the job itself. A common issue is underestimating a task's scale or complexity, which leads to unrealistic timelines and an insufficient allocation of resources. Even with the most skilled technician, if the job is not scoped, planned, and mapped in detail, it will often result in repeat visits to get the work done properly, leading to a massive escalation of expenses.  

As Long As the Tech Has the Right Skills, We’re OK 

As we have seen, finding the tech with the right skills is essential, but is it enough? Remember that a tech, in many cases, is representing your company to your customers. Are they dressed professionally? Are they prompt? Do they speak courteously with others? Can they just get the job done, or do they also do it quickly and efficiently? To find the right technician for the job, you need to look beyond the technical credentials and consider how well the technician will align with your core service values.

Finding the Right Technician Made Simple 

Finding the best IT Field Service Technician for your project can be a challenging and cumbersome task, especially if you need multiple techs in diverse locations. At Kinettix, we exist to make this challenging task simple.  

So how does Kinettix ensure that we deliver only the best field technicians for your IT Field Service projects? Our advantage comes from our proprietary Dispatch1 software. We have invested almost $2 million in building Dispatch1 as an operating platform designed for finding the right tech, managing every aspect of the IT Field Service Event, and delivering unprecedented ease and transparency to our customers. 

Dispatch1 Finds the Right Tech for Your Field Service Project 

When you, as a customer, give us a field service project, Dispatch1 uses an advanced algorithm that searches every tech in our global technician alliance. It doesn't just match jobs to technicians – it optimizes for the right fit based on a multitude of factors. 

The cornerstone of this system lies in its consideration of technician competencies. The algorithm matches the skillset required for specific jobs with technicians who possess corresponding capabilities. This includes insurance requirements, certifications, and budget considerations. Instead of relying on simple keyword matching, Dispatch1 delves deeper into each technician's profile, ensuring that each job is paired with a technician fully equipped to handle it effectively. 

But, as we have seen, finding the right technician goes beyond core competencies. Dispatch1’s proactive vendor search also considers previous work done by technicians for the same client. This historical data allows the algorithm to predict future success based on past performance and reliability. Moreover, Dispatch1 prioritizes tech performance ratings from both Kinettix project coordinators and clients. A high rating serves as an assurance of quality service delivery – a critical factor in maintaining customer satisfaction. 

Finally, Dispatch1 uses location-based matching logic. By considering proximity to job location as part of its algorithmic calculations, Dispatch1 ensures rapid response times while reducing travel-related costs - a win-win situation for all parties involved. 
Finding the best technician for the job is more than an ideal situation; it's an absolute necessity if you want your business to run smoothly and efficiently. With Kinettix's skilled field technician network and responsive break/fix services, you can rest easy, knowing that your IT infrastructure is in capable and trusted hands. 

Clay Martin

Written By: Clay Martin

Clay has worked in key IT leadership roles in multiple organizations. Clay’s responsibilities have included general IT management, software development leadership, and enterprise application architecture. He has championed the implementation of agile and SCRUM methodologies to improve productivity and efficiency in software development projects. Prior to Kinettix, Clay was CTO at Adaptive technologies, an ALM (Application Lifecycle Management) consultant for Novus Solutions, and VP of Internet Solutions for He has a Bachelor of Science in Business Management from Georgetown College and an MBA from University of Phoenix.