Sep 12, 2023 3:00:00 PM | Revolutionizing Global Field Technician Competency Alignment with Dispatch1

Our Dispatch1 platform uses advanced algorithms to ensure you get the tech that is best qualified for your IT Field Service Project

Even in established industries, such as IT Field services, it is critical to innovate.  At Kinettix we strive to lead the way in bringing new ideas and processes that revolutionize the way field services are delivered. Central to this strategy is our proprietary tool, Dispatch1, which leverages a unique algorithm to transform how field technicians are sourced and deployed. 

Dispatch1's proactive vendor search feature sets it apart from traditional methods. It uses an advanced algorithm that doesn't just match technicians to jobs – it optimizes for the right fit based on a multitude of factors, creating new opportunities for both Kinettix and field technicians. 

Dispatch1 Finds the Right Skillset for Your IT Project 

When a customer gives us a project, it is essential that we find the absolute best technicians to handle the job. First and foremost, we need techs with the right skill sets and competencies. The advanced algorithm in Dispatch1 matches the skillset required for specific jobs with technicians from our global network of technicians who possess corresponding capabilities. This includes insurance requirements, certifications, and budget considerations. Instead of relying on simple keyword matching, Dispatch1 delves deeper into each technician's profile, ensuring that each job is paired with a technician fully equipped to handle it effectively. 

From there, we dive even deeper. A tech who has done work for the client in the past will be able to complete the current project with greater quality and efficiency. So Dispatch1’s proactive vendor search also takes into account previous work done by technicians for the same client and for Kinettix itself. This historical data allows the algorithm to predict future success based on past performance and reliability. 

Going Beyond Skillsets is Critical 

At Kinettix, we are constantly refining our technician network. We strive to use techs that have received outstanding satisfaction ratings from our team and from the clients we serve. To accomplish this,  Dispatch1 prioritizes ratings from both Kinettix project coordinators and clients when matching jobs with technicians. A high rating serves as an assurance of quality service delivery – a critical factor in maintaining customer satisfaction and ensuring the job is done right. 

One standout feature is its focus on location-based matching. By considering proximity to job location as part of its algorithmic calculations, Dispatch1 ensures rapid response times while reducing travel-related costs - a win-win situation for all parties involved. 

All these elements come together within the user-friendly interface of Dispatch1’s vendor portal where available opportunities are displayed in real-time. Technicians can apply directly through this platform streamlining the process even further. 


Through the use of algorithms and digital technology, Kinettix via Dispatch1 is redefining how opportunities are created in the global field tech arena. Its proactive vendor search not only optimizes resource allocation but also paves the way for lasting partnerships built on shared success stories – making it a game-changer in this competitive landscape. 

As we look towards the future of work within IT Field Services, one thing is clear - innovations, like Kinettix’s Dispatch1 platform will continue to improve ease of use and quality of delivery for those in need of IT field service technicians.  

Clay Martin

Written By: Clay Martin

Clay has worked in key IT leadership roles in multiple organizations. Clay’s responsibilities have included general IT management, software development leadership, and enterprise application architecture. He has championed the implementation of agile and SCRUM methodologies to improve productivity and efficiency in software development projects. Prior to Kinettix, Clay was CTO at Adaptive technologies, an ALM (Application Lifecycle Management) consultant for Novus Solutions, and VP of Internet Solutions for He has a Bachelor of Science in Business Management from Georgetown College and an MBA from University of Phoenix.