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Mar 20, 2024 9:06:38 AM | Chad Mattix and Kinettix: Celebrating Recognition in the RedHawk50 Program

Discover how Kinettix, led by CEO Chad Mattix, secured a prestigious nomination in the 2023 RedHawk50 program, celebrating its remarkable growth and contributions to the global IT field services sector. Learn about Kinettix's innovative Dispatch1 platform and its commitment to delivering top-tier outcomes. Explore the company's journey of excellence and future prospects in the IT field services landscape.

In a significant recognition of growth and leadership in the IT field services industry, Kinettix, under the visionary leadership of CEO Chad Mattix, has been honored as a 2023 nominee by the RedHawk50 program. This award annually identifies the 50 fastest-growing enterprises worldwide, led by Miami University alumni. Finishing at #27 out of 360 eligible companies, the award underscores Kinettix’s substantial growth and its pivotal contributions to the global IT field services sector in 2023. 

Founded in 2016, Kinettix has emerged as a global authority in offering IT field technicians and break/fix dispatch services to enterprise and managed service providers throughout the U.S. Kinettix's unwavering commitment to delivering top-tier outcomes, regardless of geographical challenges, distinguishes it within the competitive sphere of IT field services. 

Central to Kinettix's success is the Dispatch1 platform, illustrating the company's dedication to creating forward-thinking solutions that effectively meet the complex needs of IT field service management. Through Dispatch1, project managers and coordinators are equipped with the tools needed for unparalleled operational efficiency, thereby boosting client satisfaction. This innovative tool is critical in streamlining project and ticket management, significantly enhancing the company's ability to manage its services and technicians with utmost efficiency. 

The 2023 RedHawk50 nomination not only celebrates Kinettix's impressive growth trajectory but also its lasting impact on the IT field services industry. This accolade recognizes the company's financial achievements, its commitment to innovation, and its steadfast focus on quality and customer service. Chad Mattix's strategic leadership, paired with the efforts of seasoned field service executives and 130+ team members have propelled Kinettix on path of continued excellence. 

Looking ahead, Kinettix is poised for a future filled with growth and innovation. With continued investments in technology and a strategic expansion of its global footprint, Kinettix is well-equipped for enduring success. Being a 2023 RedHawk50 nominee is not just a moment of pride for the entire Kinettix team but also a driving force for accomplishing even greater milestones. 

Rich Humphrey

Written By: Rich Humphrey

Rich’s years of experience in business leadership, marketing, and strategic thinking has helped Kinettix streamline and optimize its sales and marketing operations to create the ability to scale as global operations are grown. Before working at Kinettix, Rich served as the Vice President of Marketing and Analytics at Adaptive Technologies. He attended the University of Kentucky and has a Master’s Degree from The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary.