Whether you need a simple dispatch or highly skilled global field technicians for your enterprise-level deployment in a remote corner of the world, Kinettix can handle it.

Our operation centers in Cincinnati, Ohio and Cebu, Philippines and our vast network of global partners allow us to dispatch IT resources 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year — regardless of time zone. No matter when and where in the world you need global dispatch services, we can plan, schedule, implement and oversee your project from start to finish, on schedule and on budget. 

We also provide predictable pricing models and can create highly customized menu pricing for your requests. We provide global support for in-place teams or build scalable teams for managed service providers to check-in/check-out on-site technicians and ensure that devices are appropriately configured. We also offer after-hours capabilities to increase response time to clients in deliverables and project reporting.

Global Dispatch Services

  • Deployment, decommissioning, and disposal of equipment, including:

    • Digital signage

    • Cameras

    • Retail analytic devices

    • POS systems

    • Cabling

    • Kiosks

    • Network equipment

  • As an extension of your firm, we provide dispatch desk services to your clients, on your behalf

  • Bi-directional ticket support for client-provided tools

Install, Move, Add, or Change (IMAC) Services

  • Scheduling

  • Equipment installation

  • Configuration changes

  • De-installation and relocation of equipment

  • Connectivity testing

  • Data transfer

  • User orientation

Global Rollout Services

  • Large-scale projects

  • Remote support desks

  • Large deskside rollouts

  • Transitioning from third-party suppliers to platform services

  • Efficiently navigating the language, logistics, legal, and financial challenges of working globally by leveraging our worldwide Partner Alliance

  • Locating, qualifying, and fully vetting the appropriately skilled field technician for each dispatch

  • Fully managing each dispatch from inception to final billing based on response requirements, including:

    • Ticket processing and management

    • Field technician check-in and check-out

    • Field technician remote support

    • Escalation management

    • Test and turn up

    • Deliverables collection and auditing

Contact us today with your biggest global dispatch challenge — we’re ready for it:

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