The Benefits of Hiring Local Field Technicians for Global IT Deployments

Oct 30, 2020 7:00:00 AM | Field Services The Benefits of Hiring Local Field Technicians for Global IT Deployments

There are some distinct benefits to hiring local field technicians, rather than sending your own techs abroad.

When you’re taking on a global IT deployment for a customer, there are many moving parts to plan for and consider. Timing, logistics, and equipment are only part of the list. Equally important, though, is sourcing the personnel who will be completing the project. The global field technicians who are on the ground can make a difference in the success of your deployment.

There are two main options when it comes to selecting the technicians who will complete deployment on your behalf. You can choose to send your own technicians to the site, or you can hire local field technicians who already live in the city where the project is taking place. While both options are doable, there are some distinct benefits to hiring local field technicians, rather than sending your own techs abroad. Here are the top four.

5 Reasons to Hire Local Field Technicians for Your Global IT Deployment

1. Avoid Language Barriers and Cultural Differences

When working on an international project, you’re certainly going to encounter a number of differences between what you’re used to and the local culture of the project. Rather than learning all the nuances of local culture and sharing that knowledge with your technicians, save time and create a better relationship with your global customers by hiring techs local to the project. Not only will they know the language and culture, but they’re also accustomed to any regulatory differences.

2. Reduce Travel Time and Costs

Transporting your technicians around the world can be a headache logistically and financially. Depending on the location and travel route, there are likely to be layovers, connections, and challenges along the way. By employing technicians who live in the same area as the project, you can remove those challenges and focus on planning a successful deployment for your overseas customers.

3. Create a Support Relationship

Things happen, and there can often be follow-up support needed after a global IT deployment. Some projects can be handled with remote troubleshooting, but sometimes you need a tech to visit on-site to make any needed changes. If you’ve already worked with local technicians for the deployment, you can provide support and service much more quickly. Contact them to make the follow-up visit, and you can serve your global customers in hours instead of days. Not only does this save your company time and money for travel, but it also decreases the time your customer has their problem.

4. Improve Customer Relationships

While this benefit is related to the first and third items on our list, it still deserves its own mention — especially for managed service providers. Chances are you, or someone you work closely with, is the point of contact for your customer. While that’s great, many people prefer to have someone they can contact locally in case of emergencies. Even if they can’t contact them directly, if they know you work closely with technicians in their local area, this can make them feel more confident in the partnership. Again, the knowledge of the local language and culture is also helpful in strengthening the relationship with your customer.

5. Adhere to Local Safety Regulations 

The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in a variety of new safety regulations and quarantine procedures — not just in the United States but around the world. For example, companies may not be able to send their own technicians to a deployment site because of cross-border restrictions. Likewise, the site may require a resource that is within 50 to 60 miles of the site. Hiring locally allows managed service providers to not only protect their technicians but also continue serving their customers, even during uncertain times. 

If you decide to hire field technicians local to your project, there are a few things you’ll want to do. First of all, you need to vet them to ensure they’ll represent your brand and business well. After all, they might be one of the only in-person representatives your customer sees from your company. You’ll also want to provide them with plenty of onboarding information, so they feel like they’re a part of your team. This is helpful for morale and also for improving their perception of your company before they head to the deployment.

When you’re ready to hire local technicians but aren’t sure where to start, work with a partner like Kinettix. We have teams of technicians across the world who have been screened and vetted thoroughly. Let us help your next global IT deployment run smoothly.


Catherine McNelly

Written By: Catherine McNelly

Catherine has over 11 years of project management and field service experience with extensive retail, call center, and managed service deployment portfolios. At Kinettix, Catherine is responsible for project delivery, including budget control, partner engagement, and real-time client communication. Her goal is to ensure alignment of goals and expectations and to deliver a successful outcome. Before joining Kinettix, Catherine was a senior implementation manager responsible for successful domestic technology deployments for large clients, including NCR, Big Lots, Safelite Auto Glass, and Dollar General. She has also managed global deployments for clients such as Kraft Foods and Modelez International. Catherine earned a Bachelor’s of Science from the University of Southern Indiana in 2002.