Remember to restructure your IT deployment projects when leveraging on-demand coordination services.

May 5, 2023 1:00:45 PM | FieldFlex How to Structure IT Projects for On-Demand Coordination

When leveraging on-demand coordination services, it pays to rethink how you structure your service delivery team.

With recent economic changes leading to mass layoffs and the threat of an impending recession, many companies are looking to change their approach to hiring IT field service technicians. For many, switching to a “direct-to-tech” model makes the most sense.

As more companies transition away from using third-party providers to engaging technicians directly, they face the challenge of restructuring their service delivery teams for maximum efficiency.

One solution is to engage an on-demand coordination provider like Kinettix and leverage the expertise of an IT project manager to streamline processes and optimize outcomes. In this article, we will explore the benefits of working with IT project coordinators and discuss how to effectively restructure your projects for success.

Managing Your IT Technicians

The most challenging component of going direct–to-tech for many companies is the unexpected difficulties in managing technicians. Taking a more hands-on approach and engaging technicians directly can mean a significant shift in responsibility, so to ensure a smooth transition, it's essential to consider three primary aspects of managing your technicians.

Vetting Technicians

When going direct-to-tech, an increased emphasis needs to be placed on the earlier stages of onboarding new technicians. Vetting new techs involves thoroughly evaluating the technicians' qualifications, certifications, and experience to ensure they possess the necessary skills for the project. 

In the direct-to-tech model, you are responsible for not only paying them directly but providing indemnification. This means if the technician has an incident while delivering your scope of services, you will need to work directly with them and your customer to resolve it. When using a third-party provider, you are shielded from these types of events and usually know nothing about them.This should be considered during the vetting stage.

You will also need to conduct interviews, check references, and review their portfolios to make an informed decision. It's crucial to invest time and effort at this stage to minimize risks and ensure successful project outcomes.

Coordinating with Vendors

Besides vetting your technicians, you must also consider how you coordinate with any other vendors involved in the project, such as electricians or general contractors. You will need to establish clear lines of communication, negotiate contracts, and manage relationships with various vendors. 

Additionally, you will be responsible for scheduling work, providing detailed documentation, and briefing technicians on their tasks and responsibilities. This process requires strong organizational skills and attention to detail to avoid miscommunications and delays.

Establishing Processes and Systems

If you aim to successfully manage your own technicians, it is crucial to develop robust processes and systems that support your new responsibilities. Implementing project management tools, creating standardized documentation templates, and setting up on-demand coordination channels are all vital elements of developing a solid framework for managing technicians. 

Adding an IT project manager to the mix is often necessary to ensure a more efficient and streamlined approach to executing your IT projects.

Identifying IT Project Managers

IT project managers play a crucial role in ensuring the seamless execution of your IT projects by taking over many of the tasks outlined in the previous section. They bring value to your organization by overseeing project timelines, budgets, and resources, as well as fostering effective communication among your team members.

When identifying the right IT project manager for your organization, you have two main options: internal promotion or outsourcing.

Internal Promotion

You can promote someone from within your organization. This works out well if you already have someone who has a strong understanding of your company's culture and processes, as well as the necessary technical and leadership skills. But, it is not ideal if your labor force is already stretched thin or missing the necessary skills.


Alternatively, you can outsource the role through a global field services program like FieldFlexSM, offered by Kinettix. FieldFlex is an innovative coordination service that provides numerous benefits like cost savings, increased flexibility, and on-demand coordination to help reduce delays and miscommunications.

Whichever route you take, whether internally or through an outsourced on-demand coordination service like FieldFlex, choosing the right IT project manager can significantly impact the efficiency and success of your IT projects. Either way, leveraging the expertise of a project manager ultimately benefits your organization's long-term growth and stability.

Adapting the Rest of the Service Delivery Team

Integrating a project manager into your organization does not require significant changes to the rest of your service delivery team. In fact, the rest of the service delivery team will generally stay the same. 

However, it's crucial to ensure that all relevant team members are involved and informed throughout the project lifecycle, including individuals beyond the technicians and project manager. Ideally, involving as many key stakeholders as possible will promote collaboration, facilitate decision-making, and help identify potential challenges before they escalate.

Leveraging On-Demand Coordination

There is no denying that embracing on-demand coordination is a strategic approach to managing IT projects. Directly managing and vetting technicians, establishing effective processes and systems, and leveraging the expertise of an IT project manager means your organization can optimize its service delivery teams for success. 

For more information or to explore the benefits of partnering with Kinettix, contact us today.

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Lisa Cook

Written By: Lisa Cook

With more than 30 years in the technology field, Lisa has deep experience overseeing the design, analysis, implementation, deployment and support of varying sizes and complexities of technology initiatives across a broad range of industries. Her experience has allowed her to provide all aspects of technology deployment support to national and global clients such as Walgreens, Ulta Beauty, Office Max, Walmart, Blockbuster, American Eagle, Chrysler, Simon Property Group, and CBL & Associates. As the founder of OPL Technologies, Lisa is an integral part of the Kinettix Team due to her expertise in designing and managing complex multi-site technology deployments. She is the author of the recently released book “Designing Retail Success: A Blueprint for Designing Retail Technology Deployments.”