Focus on strategy and growth

Let us handle the routine work of executing IT projects

The Kinettix model is based on creating a reliable contingent workforce for your organization’s IT field service needs. From our base of trusted technicians worldwide, we build a stable roster of talent in all the regions you need IT work done in to create your own platform for direct-to-tech assignment and coordination. Kinettix is all about simplifying the process of initiating and executing IT work across the globe—no more starting each project from scratch by searching for qualified and available techs all over again.

But that’s just one way we simplify the process of IT deployments for our clients. We’ll also take the day-to-day management and coordination of your IT deployments off your hands. Our team will schedule and assign technicians to the job, coordinate with on-site supervisors to chart work progress, relay regular updates to you, make adjustments when the unexpected happens, and do everything necessary to deliver the outcome you want on time.

Our project management goes beyond the essentials of scheduling, coordinating, and communicating. Just as important to us is handling risk, problem management, and any unique elements specific to your project’s country or region. Our project managers and coordinators aren’t just experts in arranging talent, workloads, and logistics. Their expertise will also ensure that techs get paid in the appropriate currency, adapt to international restrictions, plan ahead to prevent issues before they occur, and thoroughly shepherd each project through the last mile to guarantee the technology works from the moment the work is completed. That’s how we provide a managed outcome to organizations.

Building a field services management platform with Kinettix means letting us handle the routine work of executing IT projects, freeing you up to focus on strategy and growth. Project management is our forte, and you can be assured that IT deployments of any scope or scale will be smoothly guided to completion.